Why is Golf such a Popular Sport


Golf has been a popular sport for many years and has seen an increase in committed players over the last twenty years. One game of golf offers players fresh air, natural scenery and beautiful views, all of which are sought after by many.

golfEnvironmentally friendly, golf is a sport that appeals to many people. It is also a great way to achieve a higher level of fitness due to the high levels of walking which can help to relax muscles and improve the heart. Golf is an ideal way of training the body and mind, making it the perfect sport for those looking to exercise.

Golf is the ultimate game to play for those who are competitive and enjoy challenging others and themselves. Many golf players strive for technical perfection, which works as a great motivator to keep on playing. A huge advantage of playing golf when compared to more high-paced sports like football and tennis is that it allows conversation due to being more lethargic and allowing conversation to take place. Many players enjoy this during a game of sport as it allows them to get to know their components on a friendly basis.

Many cities and towns have golf courses regularly available or nearby. This can also make golfing an exciting holiday experience, especially for players who enjoy travelling often. Golf is an all-encompassing sport that can be played by men, women, the elderly and children. Therefore it also works as a great activity that can be enjoyed by families, helping to create stronger bonds amongst them. Golf is a sport that can be played during the day and night due to many courses offering well-lit areas at all times. Playing golf at twilight is actually a preferred time of day to play for many enthusiastic golfers, especially in the summer as it begins to cool.

The Rayleigh Club offers beautifully unique golf courses that are designed with spaciousness and nature in mind, which in turn provides a variety of interesting course combinations. With the stunning Essex countryside offering beautiful views and scenery throughout each course, each hole is completely distinctive and allows a challenge to every level of golfer. We also offer golf pros and tuition for those looking to further their skills.

Whether you want to try your golfing techniques on the South or East, we’ve got something for every golfer. For more information, get in touch with the Rayleigh Club team by visiting our contact page or by giving us a call on 01702 232377.